What is expected from you, very simple follow the rules and enjoy yourself. This is a friendly no attitude social & learn event. Your hosts have well over 60 years experience between them. If you want to know something ask us, that is what we are here for. If we are demonstrating with someone please hold your question until we are finished. Remember to stand back about 5 feet from anyone involved in a learning experience as you don't want to be in their back swing area. Want to try something we are always willing to help out and either work with you or pair you up with someone that can work with you to teach you the basics. We do ask that you are respectful of the space and ask one of us before using any items on the walls and that you clean up after yourself. This means put your trash in the trash can, wipe down the equipment that you used with the spray bottle and paper towels next to it and return any borrowed toys to us for cleaning.